Modelling intracellular signalling pathways involved in cancer progression
Simulation results from a hybrid model: Spatial profiles of glucose, chemoattractant, ECM, and MMP at various time points

Cancer is a heterogeneous disease often requiring complex alterations of a normal cell to drive it to malignancy and ultimately to a metastatic state. These alterations are largely due to aberrant expression of a set of genes or pathways such as p53 pathways and hypoxia pathways rather than a single gene. We have recently studied the effects of the miR-451-AMPK-mTOR pathway to study how up- or down-regulation of components in these pathways affects cell proliferation and migration.

Relevant Publications:
  • Y. Kim, H. Kang, G.G. Powathil, H. Kim, D. Trucu, W. Lee, S. Lawler, M.A.J. Chaplain, The role of miR-451-AMPK-mTOR in regulation of cell proliferation and infiltration, PLOS ONE 2015 10(1), e0114370, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0114370

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