Welcome to Mathematical Medicine and Mathematical Oncology Group at Swansea University. We use interdisciplinary multi-scale approaches and utilize mathematics to understand the underlying complexity of various biological and biomedical problems in medicine.

We are a part of the Biomathematics Group at Mathematics Department and Biomathematics Centre at Swansea University.

Congratulations to Dr Noemi Picco for being promoted to Senior Lecturer! ESMTB Communications: Activities of the group are currently featured in ESMTB 2022 Communications. Visiting PhD Student: We would like to welcome Leonardo to Swansea. Leonardo will be in Swansea for next 5-6 months to work on multiscale radiation modelling. Welcome to Swansea! Group Webpage: New group page is now up and running! Watch this space for news, opportunities and information about our activities. BioMaths Colloquium Series: The Centre for Biomathematics Colloquium Series will be on the first Wednesday of every month at 3pm. There is an impressive line-up of speakers, with more to join the list soon (for the most up-to-date information, please check the Centre for BioMathematics Colloquium Series page).

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